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Here is my very first post on the blog. Super excited and nervous too. But that’s good isn’t it? I’ve been wanting to blog for a really long time but I just couldn’t get my lazy ass to work. I’ve completed my second year of Viscom and have my holidays going on now and I ran out of reasons to not start my blog. So here I’m making my first blog post.

Chennai is extremely hot and it makes it very difficult to wear thick, dark and fitted clothes. I wanted to do something which is very summery and comfortable. The top I’m wearing is a crop shirt. The fabric is thin and light, but not see through and the fit is comfy. The pants I’m wearing are of denim material, but a very easy to wear kind of a denim. I love the print on these pants. It’s a daywear and I tend to carry along a lot of things so decided to carry this sling which is big and spacious. I’m a big fringe lover. The footwear I’m wearing is of silicon material which is comfortable but not if you plan on wearing them for the entire day. If you wanna go shoe shopping this summer opt for open slip-ons or strappy footwear. I feel sunglasses are a big must have this summer. The one that I’m wearing is a Lenon style reflector which gives a pink tint on one side and a greenish silver on the other. Reflectors will always have two or more colors so be careful while buying them specially online. The lip color I’m wearing is actually a lip balm by Maybellin New York called Baby Lips and my nail color is by Color Bar shade number 92 called Rose Quartz.

Shirt – Studio Prajanyaa (Annanagar)

Pants- Reliance Trendz

Footwear – Streets of Bangkok (Similar available on fashionandyou.com)

Sunnies – Lunettes Lounge (Phoenix Market City, Chennai)

Bag – Pamper with Style (you can find them on facebook/instagram)

Neckpiece – Street Soul (Mumbai)

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XOXO pink shoes 


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