Suit up – 5.4

Monochrome has always been a part of my closet, be it bottoms or tops, I’ve always loved them. I had been looking for a monochrome pant for quite sometime, and I did find it, but along with these shorts. I immediately picked these over the pants. I think that they are super cute. They are very comfortable too and well fitted.


I was sure of using these shorts. When it came to the top, I decided to go neutral with this look, especially because subtle and simple colours create a really good impact when they are teamed up in the right way.



I wanted to keep it very minimal so I accessorized with my double pearl earring and co-ordinated my metallic heels with a silver clutch. The heels that I’m wearing have always been a head turner. It adds that extra edge to the look which I love. I think no one can ever go wrong with a pink lipstick, so i wore a baby pink li colour that completes the look.



You can also wear a bright coloured top, but I wanted to keep it simple and classy so chose to wear white.

Blazer – Zahana

Shirt – Peso

Shorts – Splash

Footwear – Charles & Keith

Earring – Zahana

I hope you liked this post and found it useful. I always love hearing from you so let me know what you think of this post. If you’ve tried this look out do let me know through Facebook/Instagram.

Until Next time

XOXO pink shoes


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