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It’s been a while since I made my previous post and I can’t tell you how good it is to be back! Obsession is something that defines me perfectly. Be it fashion, food, makeup, or relationships, I get obsessed with everything that I love! Phone cases have been on of the things that I’m super obsessed with. There was a time when I had 19 phone cases. Had one in every color and always coordinated it with my outfit. But after a point I kept switching phones for some reason or the other and stopped buying too many of them. Still, I had 4-5 cases for every phone that I used. But safety was just not enough. I can never buy a bad looking phone case. I wanted something that looks good and is strong. Such cases either land up being too expensive or are not of good quality. But Cover it up beats it all. They make high quality cases which look just the way you want them to. Apart from the million choices they give, they customize phone cases as per your requirement. I’ve used their cases for months and the print hasn’t scratched off nor has the case chipped from any side. So now you can protect your phone in a fashionable way! The phone case that I’ve featured in this post is a favorite! It’s exactly how I feel about myself. And since it’s monochrome, its really versatile. I’ve put together a semi formal office look with a cotton sleeveless top and striped culouttes. Kitten heels are perfect for a daylong wear and I’ve used a simple watch to accessorize. When I headed out with this case it sure did make an impact as every person took a second look at that case in my hand. Check out their website for more and I’m sure you’ll be amazed with the choices that they have. Lemme know what you think about this look!








Top – Tadka

Pant – Waves

Footwear – Gangtok

Watch – Skagen

Phone case – Cover it up

Until Next time

XOXO pink shoes


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