Hello Beautiful People!

When it came to shooting this look I was honestly too confused as to what I’m gonna be shooting because I was sick for a long time and I couldn’t really go out much so I came up with a tons of looks. I always go with what my mood says and that’s what I did today. I haven’t recovered completely yet so I picked to wear something casual. Since maxis are comfy and airy and can be worn in any season, they remain evergreen and can be styled according to the occasion. This maxi is just perfect for a casual day out. Apart from the fact that it’s reversible, it has two huge pockets, which made me buy it immediately. It’s loose, its comfortable and it’s super chic. You can dress it up with accessories or just wear it as it is with a pair of flats and head out. The gigantic pockets will make you not wanna carry a bag also haha. So it’s perfect for those days when you just wanna throw something on and head out. I was in the mood for accessorizing it so I wore a chocker and a bunch of golden rings.

gd1 gd2 gd4 gd6 gd9 gd10 gd11 gd12

Maxi – Gedi Route

Sandals – Zebba 

Jewellery – Zahana

Sling – Streets of Nepal

I hope you enjoyed this post. Much love.

Until Next time

XOXO pink shoes


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