Size Doesn’t Matter

Hello Beautiful! In today’s post I’m gonna be talking about something that’s really close to my heart. When I was young I was always told that I’m pretty, that I’m an ideal daughter, that I have “the perfect body.” I was a dancer until I was in school and also a volley ball player. But after school ended I stopped dancing and playing volleyball, so I basically didn’t have any form of physical activity in my routine. As an obvious result I started gaining weight. The same people who thought I was ‘perfect’ started thinking that I’m not. There where times when I’d bump into people and the first thing they’d tell me was “what happened to you? You used to look so pretty!” The only thought that would come to my mind and still does is – Does my appearance really change the person I’m? Did they like me just because I looked “pretty”? I’m always up for consecutive criticism and know the difference when someone is really saying it because they’re concerned about my health and when they’re saying because they just don’t like the way I look. There were times when it really tore me up & made me feel ugly. A person like me did not wanna look into the mirror. Some of my clothes stopped fitting me, I started buying M from S, 30 from 28. It brought down my confidence so much that I can’t even explain. There came a point where I forgot who I was. People judging me by my size really got to me. Even after I started blogging I was called an ‘oversized model’, I’ve even gotten messages from people saying that I’m too fat to be a blogger. One day I came across an old picture of mine where I was rolling on the floor and laughing and realized how much I missed being that confident person who didn’t give a dam. After a lot of self realization and help from a really special friend I understood that I can be whatever size, wear the best or the worst clothes, people are gonna judge me, and the only thing I can do about it is NOTHING. I understood that by being unhappy about myself, I was turning into this person who’s frustrated all the time and not enjoying my life when it’s my time to. I understood that as far as I’m HAPPY, nothing matters. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re fat, skinny or ugly. You’re perfect the way you are as far as you’re happy!

I know this post has gotten really long so I’m just gonna jump into the look. I love cottons because they are so comfortable and look amazing! I paired up my pink cotton top with a pair of printed palazzos and Kolhapuris. I layered a chunky neckpiece with a long chain and carried along a bright kutchwork sling. Minimal makeup with my favorite messy hair and a huge smile on my face completed my look.

I shot this look with the super talented Yogashree Rao. She’s got an amazing eye for detail and is a fashion lover herself. Do follow her on her Social media I’ll leave here link here.













Top – Tadka (Chennai)

Pants – Fountain Plaza

Footwear – Studio Prajnya (Chennai)

Choker – The Blush Box

Long Chain – Zahana

Sling – Gujrat

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