2 years of Miss Pink Shoes!!

2 years!!! 2 whole freaking years of being Miss Pink Shoes. I don’t even know where to start from. Something that started out as a hobby has now become my LIFE. Everything that I do, wherever I go, I always keep thinking about my blog and how I can make it better. The identity that this has given me, the love that I’ve received from each and every person out there is priceless! I used to be so scared about putting myself out there, always worried about being judged. I never thought that I was good enough. Going against everything that I thought about myself, I leaped into this, and it’s honestly the best thing that I’ve done for myself. More than anything else, my blog has given such a meaning and purpose to my life. It’s that one thing that combined every interest of mine in the most exciting manner and before I knew it, it became ME. I wanna thank you all for the deepest bottom of my heart for all the support, I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for you guys! IEvery single comment, like, message, follow means the world to me! I love you all to bits.

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