Summer Essentials Ft. Phoenix Market City

Hi Guys!!!

In today’s post I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my Summer Picks from Phoenix Market City. It’s a one stop destination for all your fashion & beauty needs. I visited four stores and I’m gonna be sharing my experience with you guys.

The first store I visited was Loccitane. It opened up not more than a month back & I’m so thrilled that it did. They bring some of the best French beauty products that are made from all natural ingredients. They use the Flower ‘Immortal’ in their anti ageing products, which as the name suggests is a flower that never dies. They have a wide array of products both for men and woven and I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna leave the store empty handed.

The second store I visited was Kama Ayurveda. It’s one of my all time favourite brands because I’m in love with their products. 100% organic and natural products, Kama guarantees you therapeutic benefits with every product you use. I personally love their Rose Water & Bringadi Hair oil. You can also check out their gift boxes which make an amazing gifting option.

The third store that I went to was Kryolan. It’s one of my go to make up brands. Beginner or pro, everyone has something they can pick up from the store. They are extremely popular for their base products and can help in giving you a flawless base. Do check out the video in this post for a mini tutorial!

The final store that I visited was Chanel. It’s one the best luxury makeup brands which provides a wide variety of products for skin and makeup. Their newly launched hydra range is a must try!! Chanel knows how to do their reds right, and their current shades in the nail lacquers and lip crayons have my heart to it.

I hope you guys like this post and the video. Do let me know what you guys think and which out of these was your favourite product. I’ll see you soon in the next one.



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