Summer Ready ft. Dot Chennai

Hi guys!! 

Summer is taking the best of me and Im so done with this climate. But we gotta do what we gotta do, ain’t we? 

In today’s post I’m gonna be talking about a designer, who’s work I’ve been seeing and loving for the last 10 years. Pooja Tatia, designer and founder of Dot Clothing, has been making clothes since forever now, and I’ve personally been seeing her work for so many years. From her fittings to her attention to detail, there’s nothing you’ll not love about her work. Started out as a custom designer, she’s lately been making a lot of ready to wear, and I’m in love with the collection! Weather you have to get a blouse stitched, or pick up a dress for a party, I’m sure you’ll love the work. I chose my favourite ones from their collection. and here they are in this post! They are exhibiting their collection on the 13th & 14th of June at Style Bazar, Hyatt, Chennai and it’s something you definitely don’t wanna miss. She has clothes in every range, starting at pocket friendly rates. Do have a look and come say hi if you see me there! 

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Look – 1

Look -2

Look – 3

Look – 4


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