Testing Home Made skin Care by Bubble Farm

Hi Guyss!!

Today’s post is a review on a couple of products from the brand Bubble Farm. It’s a home run store by Sunita and she sent me a couple of products to try so here it is!

The first product that I tried is the Kaolin Clay Face Cleanser. It helps in controlling the oil secretion on your face and also in removing dead skin & clearing the pores. I felt an amazing difference in my skin after using this. Every time I use this, my skin feels super alive and fresh. It comes in the form of a powder that should be mixed with water/herbal tea/green tea and used on the face like a paste. It has some grainy particles that mildly exfoliate the skin acting like an everyday scrub. It also helps in soothing the skin specially if you have acne. The only downside I felt with this product is that the packaging doesn’t talk much about the benefits/properties of the product which is the case with all the products from them.

The second product I tried is the lip scrub. First of all, the quantity is HUGE for a lip scrub, so this is gonna go a longggg way. It’s supposed to be mixed with coconut oil & then used. I find it a bit of a hassle to be honest, but the results are worth it. I’ve noticed with a lot of organic lip scrubs, the consistency changes with time and the oil component sort of starts to sit on top of the product which can make it super difficult to use. But since this one comes with no oil, that doesn’t happen. At the end you’re gonna be left with non chappy lips and continued usage does show a difference on the overall softness of the lips. Not the biggest fan of the flavor but it smells great!

Coming to the third product which is my favorite. Their charcoal detox mask is bomb! My skin feels so soft, supple & clean after using this. It helps in closing your pores, removing the excess dirt and detoxing the skin to its best. It leaves a slight black layer after which you might wanna go back in with your face wash, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll love the way your skin feels after 2 weeks of using this. I’ve used it 2-3 times a week and it still doesn’t feel overly strong. It can be a little messy taking this off so I’d suggest using a wet napkin/thick tissue to remove it. I would totally recommend this to you guys!


The final product that I tried is their brightening pack. It’s your Dadi ma’s besan mask with a lot more added benefits. It adds an instant glow and brightness to the skin that I freaking love. They suggest mixing it with milk which makes your skin super super soft. If you have large pores, try mixing it with rose water. You’ll love how tight; snatched & glowy your skin will feel. It can get into your hair easily and be a pain when it comes to taking off so be careful.

So that’s it for this review guys. I really hope it helps. I’ll leave their links in the bottom so if you’re interested, do check it out!


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