Testing the new Colgate Vedshakti

Hi guys!!

Today’s post is a review on the newly launched Colgate Vedshakti Toothpaste. I was sent over a PR package from the brand and hence got a chance to try it out. The hamper came with a really interesting booklet which had the toothpaste at the end. Each side of the booklet had a detailed description about each ingredient in the product, which helped me understand the product a lot more! This paste is said to have the perfect sangam between Ved & Vigyan, where there has combined the goodness of both into one product. It not only cleans your teeth to perfection, but also is very healthy. 

The product itself comes with a newly designed box, which has visuals of the ingredients. Unlike other pastes from Colgate, this has an Ayurvedic touch, which brings it closer to nature. 

Talking about its cleansing properties, my teeth feel super clean and refreshed after I use this. I as a person am very specific about the way my paste tastes, and this one surely didn’t disappoint me. The taste is something that I personally love, it has a fresh clove taste which is really refreshing but not over powering.

So that was my review of the new Vedshakti by Colgate. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!!




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