An Ongoing Jewellery Obsession Ft. Mystic Collections

Hi Guys!!!

I hope you all are doing well. In today’s post I’m gonna be talking to you guys about my jewelry addiction. Yes, now it has definitely become an addiction because I just loooovvvveeee jewelry, and I never miss a chance to accessorise myself with the perfect pieces that work with my outfit. When it comes to buying jewelry, the first thing that I look at is the quality, because that can totally make or break the look of a piece. If you guys have been following me for a while now, you know that I buy most of my stuff online, because there are just soooooo many options these days! But when it came to jewelry, I was still hesitant in places because I was unsure of the quality. I could only buy from selective places, which restricted my options too! I recently came across a website, which I think is totally changing the game!! Its called Mystic Collections, and they’re based out of chennai. They honestly have one of the biggest variety I’ve ever seen on any jewelery e-store .Starting from stone, to antique, to temple, to basic, they have everything!!! If there’s an outfit you wanna buy matching pieces for, or just randomly shop, you’re sure to find stunning pieces at great prices. The best part about them is that they do super quick deliveries and you get exactly what you see in the pictures . I created 4 looks with their pieces, do comment and lemme know your fav!!

The Stone Edit

I’m a total lover of stone/crystal  jewelry. They look sooooooo classy and elegant. I love you these pieces accessorize my outfit. They have subtler options too, for an everyday use.



The Beige Story 

This is one of my favourite pieces from their e-store!!! I absolutely love the huge mosaic pendant, it has such a vintage vibe to it. the pearls in the chain compliment the pendant so so well. The whole color combination and quality is stunning!

Nomadic Diaries

This look turned out so much more dreamier than I thought it would!  I paired up their beaded necklace with a similar toned earring to create this nomadic look. I love how versatile the pieces are, you can wear them with Western, ethnic, basically anything! They also have a zillion color options in this too!

Laal Ishq

This piece stole my heart the moment I saw it .I absolutely LOVE this choker, its too too pretty! I styled it without any other piece, because I wanted the neck piece to be the show stealer and man does it look amazing or what? The quality of the stone is perfection. It sits beautifully on my neck and is just a very versatile, wearable yet bold piece that I think is a must have!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do comment your thoughts, and click on the link below to check out Mystic Collection’s wide range of jewelry.

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