Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Range For Fabulous Hair

Sun exposure, stress, imbalanced diet, lack of care, these are just a few reasons why most of us right now have “hair problems”, Hair Fall being the number one issue. You have no idea the number of people that reach out to me asking for hair fall solutions. Earlier I wouldn’t know what to say, because I myself was struggling with it. I blamed the sun, harsh water & what not, but after trying out the #AntiHairFall range by Himalaya, I realized that it was the lack of “proper care”. Himalaya Herbal Care, a brand that we are all well familiar with, just came out with their Anti Hair Fall Range & I had the chance to test it out! At the first use, I couldn’t tell much because a hair stylist gave me the treatment. But on bringing home the beautiful hamper, and trying out the 4 steps #4FabulousHair, I could really tell a difference! Let me take you through each step one by one.

Step 1 : Oiling

Oiling is something that I always valued, and tried oiling my hair every single time I would wash my hair. But the struggle of removing it all while shampooing is something that I hated. The Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Oil, enriched with the goodness of Bhringraj & Amalaki, has a beautiful scent and is a light weight oil that seeps into your scalp/hair in seconds. I asked my mom to give me a massage and I let it sit on to my hair for about 30 minutes. Ensure you apply the oil well into your scalp and massage it in for long lasting results. You can either tie a hot towel around your hair or use a steamer for better results.

Step 2 : Shampoo

Moving on to shampooing, which I’m sure is a process everyone is well familiar with. The Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo really helped in avoiding hair fall while shampooing itself. It removes the oil really well (make sure you massage your scalp well to remove it all) and from the first wash itself you’ll notice a difference in the amount your hair falls after a wash. Just take a small amount, apply on to wet hair, massage well & rinse it off! Repeat the process if you feel you’ve applied too much oil.

Step 3 : Conditioner

One of the most important step in hair care is conditioning. I honestly can’t understand how people can only shampoo & not use a conditioner. It literally is like wearing a shoe without socks. A conditioner can not only make your hair softer and more manageable, it also reduces hair fall as your hair won’t tangle as much. The Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Conditioner does all that & much more. You will notice a difference right from the first wash, your hair is gonna be softer than ever, manageable & just picture perfect. Apply a small amount onto the tips of your wet hair, let it sit for about 5-7 minutes and rinse it off. Avoid application in the scalp/crown.

Step 4 : Hair Cream

One of my most favourite products from this range is the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Hair Cream. It looks just like a moisturiser, and honestly does the job of one for your hair. It’s a step that many may shy away from, because of the fear of ‘greasy hair’. Make sure you take a small amount and work it into your damp hair (50% wet) with a comb. Avoid scalp/crown area. It majorly helps in avoiding hair fall, a difference which you’ll notice the moment you run the comb into your hair. I would usually have a  bunch of hair falling off, but this time it was just mere 2-3 strands. I’m honestly amazed with how much of a difference this has made in my hair.

So that was my review/experience with the all new Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Range. I really hope you guys liked it & found it useful. Do comment below your thoughts on this.


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