Blue Stone Comes to Chennai!!, a name that’s now synanomoys with the most trusted jewelry shopping experience, is sometning that I’ve been a fan of ever since it’s inception in 2011. I was much younger when I first came across blue stone, but there was something about their designs that just drew me towards them. At that time, I only looked at the designs, and didn’t know much about  the other aspects until I made my first order. They made diamond Jewel look so appealing to not just a young mind like mine, but also my mom and sister alike! I was pleasantly surprised with their customer service, the product  and the  overall experience. It has now become India’s leading desitination for high quality fine jewellery for all good reasons. They house more than 5000 unique designs for you to choose from and I got to check out some of them at the newly opened store in Chennai at VR Mall! These designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care giving you the flexibility to customize the product’s gold purity and colour or diamond clarity to suit your needs.
With an award-winning design team that pays great attention to detail, each of their products are a symbol of perfection! They are not only a treat to look at, but amp your look up to the maxxxx!!! With cutting edge innovation and latest technology, they make sure the brilliance is well reflected in all their jewellery.
With offers like 30 day money back guarantee, they make online shopping a lot easier and comfortable for their customers, which I think is so needed in this time and age. My experience with blue stone has been overwhelmingly good, and I know for a fact yours will be too! Check out their first ever outlet in Chennai at VR, and keep scrolling to see more of their collection!


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