Floral Grunge

Hi Guys!!

It feels so good to be back with fashion posts. I’m sorry I’ve not been posting here for a while; I’ve just been SO BUSY!! College is very taxing and to keep up with my video schedule along with this, it’s just been very hard. Anyways I’ve figured a routine and I’ll try my best to not miss a post again.

For today’s look, I’ve gone for a gothic look with a twist! I love experimenting with my closet and try and find new ways of wearing my clothes. The dress I’m wearing in this look is a basic flowy floral dress. It’s super cute and very versatile.

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Tropical Vibes

We always have a tendency to decide clothes in our head, most of which turn out to be hideous (lol) but some turn out exactly the way we want them to. We get so used to doing this that we at times stop playing around with our clothes and wear them exactly how we’ve been told to or how its normally worn by the mass. The skirt that I’m wearing in today’s post is actually a full length wrap around skirt, something that doesn’t suit my body the best. That’s why I never wore it until a while ago.

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Because it’s Fall

Fall’s here and it’s one of my favorite seasons because I get to play with bold and statement making colors! Although Chennai’s climate is such that it hardly matters what season it is, but I love how despite of the climatic conditions I can still have fun with fashion using the colors n cuts of fall. Although I haven’t stuck to the colors of AW16, I have used colors which scream out ‘fall’ in general. The dress that I’m wearing is actually a skirt that I picked up from H&M 2 months back.

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For the Princess in You

Being a princess is all I wanted as a kid. I used to spend my nights dreaming about my prince charming, who’d sweep me away on a white horse. As I grew up, the dreams faded, the number things I wanted grew, but the want and love to be a princess never changed.

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Hi Guys!

I’ve always loved experimenting and trying something new with my clothing. In today’s post, instead of doing something different with the clothes I decided to experiment with my accessories. I’ve always seen my mom wear a nose pin and found it fascinating, but I also felt that it’s something that I can never pull off or something that won’t suit my face. In the past I have tried on nose pins (clip ons) and before I could even see myself properly I’d take it off.

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How are you all doing today? I just started college again and it’s so HECTIC. For those of you who don’t know, I finished my three years of Visual Communication and now I’m studying Fashion Designing at NIFT. Honestly, it’s a dream come true because I always wanted to study fashion at NIFT. I’m just finding it hard to get used to a routine in general because after college ended in March, I was sleeping when I wanted, eating when I wanted and doing everything at ease. So now waking up at 6:30 and attending college 9-4 is a little hard but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon.

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