Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Range For Fabulous Hair

Sun exposure, stress, imbalanced diet, lack of care, these are just a few reasons why most of us right now have “hair problems”, Hair Fall being the number one issue. You have no idea the number of people that reach out to me asking for hair fall solutions. Earlier I wouldn’t know what to say, because I myself was struggling with it. I blamed the sun, harsh water & what not, but after trying out the #AntiHairFall range by Himalaya, I realized that it was the lack of “proper care”. Himalaya Herbal Care, a brand that we are all well familiar with, just came out with their Anti Hair Fall Range & I had the chance to test it out! At the first use, I couldn’t tell much because a hair stylist gave me the treatment. But on bringing home the beautiful hamper, and trying out the 4 steps #4FabulousHair, I could really tell a difference! Let me take you through each step one by one.

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Testing the new Colgate Vedshakti

Hi guys!!

Today’s post is a review on the newly launched Colgate Vedshakti Toothpaste. I was sent over a PR package from the brand and hence got a chance to try it out. The hamper came with a really interesting booklet which had the toothpaste at the end. Each side of the booklet had a detailed description about each ingredient in the product, which helped me understand the product a lot more!

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Palam Silk’s Swatantra

Hi Guys!!!

Recently, I got a chance to attend the Swantra show by Palam Silks. For the longest time, women haven’t had the choice to do as they please. But that isn’t how it is any more. Today, it is the woman who decides what a woman can do, and what she cannot. As it turns out, there is very little she cannot do. She can choose to be a homemaker, or a CEO, or both. She can choose to ride solo to the Himalayas, or stay single. She can choose to step over lines other people from other ages drew for her. She can decide to ignore outdated prejudices and she can shape her own future.

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Testing Home Made skin Care by Bubble Farm

Hi Guyss!!

Today’s post is a review on a couple of products from the brand Bubble Farm. It’s a home run store by Sunita and she sent me a couple of products to try so here it is!

The first product that I tried is the Kaolin Clay Face Cleanser. It helps in controlling the oil secretion on your face and also in removing dead skin & clearing the pores. I felt an amazing difference in my skin after using this. Every time I use this, my skin feels super alive and fresh. It comes in the form of a powder that should be mixed with water/herbal tea/green tea and used on the face like a paste.

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Pamper Day at home with Avocado Care

Hi Guys! In today’s post I’m gonna be talking about Avacado Care – an at home salon service facility. Having then super hectic life that I do, I hardly get the time to go to the parlour. Even when I do find the time, I get lazy, and specially with the heat I don’t feel like getting out at all.  Recently, Avo Care reached out to me to try out and review their services, and when it had nothing to do with pampering how could I say no? Before I talk about my experience, here are a few details about the brand.

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