Pamper Day at home with Avocado Care

Hi Guys! In today’s post I’m gonna be talking about Avacado Care – an at home salon service facility. Having then super hectic life that I do, I hardly get the time to go to the parlour. Even when I do find the time, I get lazy, and specially with the heat I don’t feel like getting out at all.  Recently, Avo Care reached out to me to try out and review their services, and when it had nothing to do with pampering how could I say no? Before I talk about my experience, here are a few details about the brand.

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Beat the Heat with 7UP Revive!

It’s May already and guess what the temperature in Chennai is today? 36 degrees! And it just gonna get hotter and more humid with each passing day. Every morning the first thought I have is how hot and sweaty my day is gonna be. It is a Sunday and all I wanna do is sleep but I have a jam packed day ahead!!

For most people, weekends are to relax but for a blogger who’s also a student, weekends are extremely busy. I schedule my meetings, appointments, shoots etc. on weekends. So today my schedule is gonna look something like this – gotta get some shoots done, write posts & update my website, attend a meeting & work out – so here goes!

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Fabric of Dreams by Palam Silks

Hello Ladies!

In today’s post I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my experience of an exhibit by Palam Silks.

“Some of our sweetest, most magical memories come draped in Kanchivaram silk sarees,” says Jeyasree Ravi of Palam Silks. “The iridescent colours, the finely detailed craftwork of Kanchivarams have always been part of the most beautiful moments of our lives. That is why we call it the fabric of dreams. Like all fine art, it is an expression of our finest feelings.”

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#chennaiponnu ft. Himalaya

Hello #chennaiponnus!!

The weather ain’t getting any better & I’m sure all you girls are finding it extremely difficult to get through the heat. Starting from our choices of clothing to our skin care routine, everything has to be altered/changed. I know it can be really hard to take care of your skin in such a climate, because no matter what your skin type is, a climate like this can make any person’s skin oily & prone to breaking out. I’ve got my fair share of breakouts going on too so trust me, I feel you. Himalaya is one of those brands that I’ve used on and off for the longest of times. And if you’re from the south, I’m sure you must have used atleast one Himalaya product in your life.

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#UltraSoft Ft. Whisper

Hi Guys!

“That time of the month” – This one sentence says so much. When we get  our periods, we let it dictate our routine, schedule & preferences.  Being cranky &  moody is extremely normal, and along with that dealing with bad flow can be such a pain, and all we need is a bit of comfort. Whisper as a brand has always stood up for women and encourages women to be their best, even in those days.

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