Flower Power

I was supposed to make my final blazer post today, but I wanted have a bit of a change, so decided to post this before the last one in the blazer series. I have already shown my crazy love for print in my previous posts. I just can’t get enough of it. Floral print has been trending majorly over the last year and has been a personal favourite.

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Suit up – 5.4

Monochrome has always been a part of my closet, be it bottoms or tops, I’ve always loved them. I had been looking for a monochrome pant for quite sometime, and I did find it, but along with these shorts. I immediately picked these over the pants. I think that they are super cute. They are very comfortable too and well fitted.

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Suit up – 5.3

To begin with I’m sorry about the weird sequence of the blazer series. The next two posts will be right after this I promise. Today’s blazer look is one of my favourite. There are so many days where I just don’t feel like doing anything but I have somewhere to be at or some important function that I just can’t miss. This look is perfect for those days. It’s effortless, easy, subtle, classy, chic and doesn’t take too much time.

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Blend in Style

Hello There!

I love wearing dresses, specially printed ones. I’m a crazy print lover. Day dresses are something that you’ll always find in my closet. I like the way they make me look with such minimal effort. When I walked into Blend in style, I was really happy with their collection. Be it dresses or maxis, t-shirts or shirts; they had it all. The owner Lakshme, is an amazing person and has a lovely sense of style. She was very welcoming and super patient! I had a good time working with her.

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Co-ordinate? Co-ordinate.

Hello People!

When I was a kid I always loved matching my clothes. Pink was and is still my favourite color. Pink top pink skirt pink footwear even pink clips. I’d wear them all at once and feel so happy. I’ve always been full of self love. I loved standing in front of the mirror wearing matching clothes and I’d feel so proud.

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